05/07 | 2013

Loving a new musical discovery this week: Mattis & The Grand Trunk Road’s debut LP Imperial Splendor is a gorgeous record that sounds like early Paul Simon (which alone would be enough) meets Nick Drake meets my ol’ pal Greg Moore’s Sandycoates meets (occasionally) Alice In Chains’ Jar Of Flies EP with Eastern and Indian influences throughout. Which sounds like a lot to take in, but it’s simple music and perfect for the slow, dark lull of winter.

05/07 | 2013

Imperial Splendour is the latest project from Norwegian artist Mattis Myrland who has teamed up with a number of other Norwegian musicians to form Mattis & The Grand Trunk Road. The band take their name from one of South Asia’s oldest and longest roads that links the eastern and western regions of the Indian subcontinent. Back in 2007 Mattis studied under the Hindustani Classical Vocalist Madhumita Ray in New Delhi, India. The time spent in India has been a strong influence on Imperial Splendour. From the subtle eastern tinges in the music as well as the poetic lyrics.

05/07 | 2013

In January 2013 Mattis travelled back to New Delhi along with friend and photographer Birgit Solhaug, to shoot material for a music video. The video 'Sleeping Dogs', directed by Birgit in collaboration with the New Delhi production company Feral Entertainment, will be released in the autumn 2013.
All photos by Birgit Solhaug (copyright)

05/07 | 2013

Lucky Four performing "Tenke På Meg", at Tou Scene on October 28th 2012.
This is a translation of "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone", originally done by the Carter Family.

Kyrre H Larsen - director/editor, Steven Grant Bishop - sound recording and mixing, Andreas Bru Eide - photo. Thanks to Hinterland.no

05/07 | 2013

From early November in 2006 to July 2007 I lived in New Delhi, India. For six months I practiced the Ragas and the singing technique, and learned about the ancient roots of the Hindustani classical music tradition. After my studies, when the summer season came, I went up north to the mountains and spent a few weeks as a traveller, before leaving for Norway. I stayed in the country for eight months altogether, but in my mind the Indian journey seems to have lasted for many years.

05/07 | 2013
26/06 | 2013

In 2007, singer Mattis Myrland travelled to India - New Delhi, to live and study with a master of Indian Classical Singing - Madhumita Ray. The discipline and daily vocal training inspired Mattis to create a host of stories and gave him a rucksack full of new sounds to accompany them.



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