Flashjack The Hero - 'Today I like______'

Loving a new musical discovery this week: Mattis & The Grand Trunk Road’s debut LP Imperial Splendor is a gorgeous record that sounds like early Paul Simon (which alone would be enough) meets Nick Drake meets my ol’ pal Greg Moore’s Sandycoates meets (occasionally) Alice In Chains’ Jar Of Flies EP with Eastern and Indian influences throughout. Which sounds like a lot to take in, but it’s simple music and perfect for the slow, dark lull of winter. The story is Mattis—who hails from Norway—spent time in India studying classical music and then returned to his home country to start a music collective (the Grand Trunk Road) and develop his musical sketches from his time in the East into a full-length. And the result is very, very pretty. I wish it would snow non-stop for a week so I could stroll through the dark, silent, deserted frozen streets with this album keeping me warm company on my headphones along the way. An artist to watch, for sure.

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